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Crown Coffee Service is one of Boston’s foremost, innovative office coffee service companies.  

Our mission is to deliver exceptional coffee with extraordinary service. 

Contact us: 781-224-0002    

Founded in 1974 by Joe, in his father's basement, exceptional service and extraordinary coffee is and will always be at the forefront of the business. For the first few years, Crown was a one-man show with Joe doing everything from developing a customer base to seeking out the best coffees and managing day-to-day operations and development. After years of searching, Joe found Mills Coffee Roasting Co., of Providence, RI, a fourth-generation family-run roaster whose values, expertise, and commitment to quality he admired, and whose coffee he loved. Over the following decades, Joe’s strong partnership with the Mills team helped Crown grow to be a regional leader in coffee quality, offerings, and innovation.


Once Joe found his coffee supplier, he turned his focus to discovering the best brewers, with a particular obsession on pods. Joe, holding fast to his commitment to quality, recoiled at the idea of single-cup coffee running through the plastic. He didn’t like what it meant for his customers from a health or cost perspective, and he hated the excess waste. This led to Joe’s next big adventure – the development of a plastic-free, aluminum-free, recyclable filter-packed coffee pod. In the early 2000s Joe, working with local and international engineers, helped pioneer the US single serve filter-packed pod industry, contributing to everything from equipment development to pod design to extraction and packaging. In the 1990s, Crown successfully introduced the nation’s first filtered-packed pod program which is still growing to this day. More recently, Joe has been instrumental in advancing North America’s premiere bean-to-cup machines, including his beloved Bean2Cup machine, which was introduced to the Boston market in 2010. The Bean2Cup is the most advanced single cup machine on the market. Its design eliminates excess waste and brews tailored, consistently excellent coffee. To learn more about our Bean2Cup program, please click here.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you would like more information on our Bean2Cup program or any of our office coffee service options.  If you haven’t tried our coffee, please accept our invitation to come in for a taste. Contact us at 781-224-0002 for all of your coffee or break room needs!